Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SSAWG)
Resources and support for southerners seeking to build and maintain sustainable food solutions.

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Community Garden Legal Toolkit
ChangeLab Solutions' guide to the legalities of establishing a community garden.

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The DFFI Model

Healthy Food Access Portal

Data and information to support planning and implementation of policies, programs, and projects for advocates, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders to improve access to healthy foods in low-income communities and communities of color

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The Opportunity

Building Health and Wealth in the Mississippi Delta
More than $1.2 billion flows out of the Mississippi Delta annually for food grown elsewhere. With some of the richest soil in the world and a well-documented need for access to healthier food, tremendous opportunities await for economic and health benefits through robust community-based food systems.

What's Going On Around the Country?

School Garden Curriculum

DFFI collaboratively developed a 5th grade curriculum integrating the school garden into Math and ELA subjects.

WhyHunger's CONNECT blog
Stories from community-based organizations who are leading by example and working together to build the movement to end hunger and poverty.

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Farm to School
The Mississippi Farm to School Network works to connect farmers with schools in order to bring Mississippi products to school cafeterias. We seek to strengthen the local agricultural economy and educate Mississippians on the importance of eating locally-grown, nutritionally-dense foods. By gathering a diverse community of farm to school advocates, the network strives to reach all students and their families.

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The Approach

The Good Food Revolution

In collaboration with our research partners, DFFI published a journal article about our most recent project,The Good Food Revolution (GFR). GFR is a community-based project to address food-related health and employment in three communities in North Bolivar County, Mississippi. It was developed by bringing together community members, local public and private sector organizations, researchers and students. This paper examines the process of community-engaged scholarship from the theoretical lens on building community capacity and resiliency. 


Community and Church Gardens

Collective Action: Farm to School

The work of DFFI is deeply rooted in the history, land, foodscapes and people of the Mississippi Delta. Yet the message of collective power for change, and emphasis on the long-term development of truly local leadership for food justice resonates far and wide across the country. The group shared their experience developing a successful Farm to School project in the Mississippi Delta at the annual National Farm to Cafeteria conference hosted by the National Farm to School Network (NFSN) in Austin, TX in 2015. 

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Food Environment Atlas–USDA
Interactive map for an overview of your community's ability to access healthy food.

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Farm to Fork
North Carolina's model guide for building a sustainable food economy

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