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Delta Fresh Foods: Current Initiative

Committed to building sustainable, equitable, community-driven food systems to strengthen the local food economy and promote healthy lifestyles in the Mississippi delta. 

Make Change, Real Change:
The Story Behind The Food


Building Health and Wealth in Bolivar County

The Delta Fresh Foods Initiative, in partnership with local growers, mayors, schools, and others has launched the  Bolivar County Good Food Revolution to bring economic opportunities and better health outcomes to Shelby, Mound Bayou and Winstonville through building a strong local food system. The Bolivar County Good Food Revolution trains and engages area young people in meaningful ways including data collection, consumer education, food production, distribution and marketing.

With generous support from the Bolivar Medical Center Foundation, the Newman's Own Foundation, and others, we are working with community stakeholders to increase food production and make more nutritious, locally grown fruits and vegetables available to more than 5,000 residents in Bolivar County, MS. Young people have learned valuable job skills and continue to play a strategic role in the effort to build health and wealth in their own communities. 

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